• Winter Auto Care

    Dec 28, 2018, 00:22 AM by Discount Auto Glass

    The dead of winter is arguably the least fun time of year. What’s less fun is being stuck with frost, icy precipitation and the need for an extra 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to prep for your drive to work. Whether it’s waiting for your car to warm up, or cranking up the defrost button to melt that ice on the windshield, it’s going to take a bit longer before you& ... Full story

  • Vehicle Sensor Maintenance

    Nov 27, 2018, 14:27 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    Colder days are upon us and there are many concerns we face when it comes to keeping our vehicle in good condition. One concern with newer vehicles is maintaining clean sensors. Modern cars have a variety of advanced safety systems in place, such as automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning. If these sensors can’t see because of winter elements, they can perform ... Full story

  • De-Icing Your Windshield

    Nov 20, 2018, 15:05 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    Early morning frost is a common find in the late fall/early winter months. So what is the best way to get your vehicle road-ready in a jiffy? There are many solutions to quickly get your windshield free of ice before hitting the road.

    Making a de-icer spray is one easy way to remove built up ice on your windshield. There are two good soluti ... Full story

  • Frequently Asked Replacement Questions

    Oct 30, 2018, 15:07 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    When it comes to the lifespan of your windshield, there are many factors to consider. Auto glass might seem like an invincible shield between you and the road, but lack of proper care and attention will ultimately lead to its demise. Our experts at Discount Auto Glass make it a priority to repair or replace any auto glass that has been damaged with the utmost professionalism. If you&r ... Full story

  • Why are Leaves Hazardous to Your Vehicle?

    Oct 9, 2018, 16:35 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    The colors are changing, temperatures are finally dropping, and the most notable sign that fall has arrived are the leaves falling. While beautiful to look at and see your children playing in during the autumn months, leaves can actually wreak havoc for your car and the roads, leaving long-term damage in their path.

    You may be unaware of the potential damage that lea ... Full story

  • Why Do Car Windshields Fog Up?

    Sep 18, 2018, 16:21 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    What’s worse than running late when you're running out the door to be somewhere? Not being able to see through a condensation-filled car window when you’re already late. So why do car windows get foggy and what can you do to eliminate this issue? We have a few tips and helpful reminders that’ll get you back on the road in no time!

    First things first, ... Full story

  • Safety Tips When Driving in Fog

    Sep 4, 2018, 16:47 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    With fall quickly approaching, cooler nights are right around the corner. With that, we can expect to have a few foggy mornings on our early morning work commutes where we squint through a thick layer of white fog. But have you ever thought about what creates the white wall of fog?

    Fog typically occurs on clear nights when the earth’s surface is cooling the mois ... Full story

  • What Causes a Windshield Crack to Spread

    Aug 21, 2018, 16:39 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    If you’ve ever gotten a chip in your windshield, you probably know it’s best to get it repaired as quickly as possible. That seemingly small knick can worsen over time and before you know it, a large crack will have spread across your entire windshield.

    So what exactly causes windshield cracks to spread? There are many factors that can make the damage wor ... Full story

  • What to Include in a Roadside Emergency Kit

    Aug 7, 2018, 14:28 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    Summer is winding down, school will be starting soon, and many of us will be taking last minute vacations before we settle into fall and winter. Road trips with family or friends are always a fun way to leave town for a few days, but you never know what lies ahead of you when you set out on the open road. Having a roadside emergency kit is one smart way to be prepared if any unforesee ... Full story

  • How to Cool Hot Car Interiors

    Jul 19, 2018, 15:51 PM by Discount Auto Glass

    Entering a parked vehicle on a summer afternoon could easily be one of the worst parts of your day. Research shows that a car’s interior temperature rises approximately 19 degrees in roughly 10 minutes. Now consider being parked in 100-degree heat after two or more hours. The interior could reach 150º and the dashboard and seats could be as hot as an oven, reaching nearly 2 ... Full story

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