4 Safety Tips for Car Troubles

Oct 26, 2015, 08:21 AM by Discount Autoglass
Stranded with a flat tire or dead battery. Rear-ended on the way to work. Ran out of gas between errands… Any of these incidents can cause anxiety and frustration. However, if you’re prepared on how to handle the situation, it’ll be that much easier on you – and those around you. Here at Discount Auto Glass, we want to make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge to survive any car fiasco. Our DAG team came up with four easy tips to keep in mind should you ever face adversity on the road.

broken down carGet to the safest spot possible.
If at all possible, get your vehicle to a parking lot. If you’re driving on the interstate, pull over as far as you can onto the shoulder. If your car is stranded in the street, do all you can to make your vehicle highly visible to other drivers. You can do this by turning on your hazard lights or setting off distress signals. If you exit your car while traffic is present, always climb out of the passenger-side door facing the shouldier of the road.

Signal that you are having car trouble.
Did you know that hanging a white cloth or piece of paper out of your window or on your antenna indicates you are having car trouble? Use this signal when you’re in traffic so other drivers know to go around you. If you are alone, this is a good way to alert police to stop and help you. caution cone

Know when to stay and when to go.
In the case of trouble staying in the car or getting out varies differ from situation to situation. If your car is near traffic and there is a clear path to a safer location, make your way there. If you’re stuck in traffic with no alternate place to go, don’t exit the car. You never want to stand by your car or work on repairs while other vehicles are whizzing by on the interstate. If you’re stranded and no other people are around, stay in the car with the doors locked.

flat tireDon’t get a ride from someone you don’t know.
Never get in the car with someone you don’t know, and don’t get out of the car to speak with a stranger. If someone approaches you while you’re sitting in your locked car, crack the window to speak with him or her. Hopefully you’ve called for help, and don’t need their assistance. If you haven’t been able to call for help, ask if you may use their phone or have them call someone for you. Always be gracious, but never feel you have to get out the car to avoid being rude.

Car troubles are always a nuisance. Some solutions, however, are easier than others; like fixing broken auto glass for example. From the smallest chips to the most widespread cracks, our experts at Discount Auto Glass can take care of your windows and windshield in a timely manner. Call (501)377-9575 or visit any of our locations in central Arkansas to get your auto glass back to pristine condition.

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