How to Care for Your Car this Winter

Jan 18, 2016, 07:01 AM by Discount Autoglass

If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting increasingly chilly outside. During the winter months, we are stuck with frost, icy precipitation and the need for an extra 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to prep for your drive to work. Whether it’s getting your car warmed up for the drive or cranking up the defrost button to melt that ice on the windshield, it’s going to take a bit longer to leave your house. Not all of us have the luxury of a garage or carport to protect your car from the elements. So to help you out this winter, the Discount Auto Glass team has a few tips that can protect your car and make your commute to work just a little bit quicker during the winter.

de-icer sprayInvest in de-icing spray. Not only is this an inexpensive miracle product, it keeps you from having to spend those precious minutes in the morning scraping away at your windshield. De-icer speeds up the process, and doesn’t require heat. If you spray the de-icer on the windshield, combine that with an ice scraper, the frost will be gone in just a few seconds. It’s an inexpensive way to the process of getting out the door on cold, winter mornings.

Fix windshield cracks before they spread. This is our area of expertise here at Discount Auto Glass. What’s the secret to keeping those cracks from spreading across your entire windshield? Fix them early! Cold temperatures cause chips and small cracks to spread. A bigger or longer crack requires much more attention and, ultimately, a higher bill. With our technique, we can repair chips in your windshield by sealing the crack before it has time to spread.

hot water icy windshieldDon’t use homemade remedies to melt ice on your car. Though pouring boiling water on an icy windshield might seem like an easy, quick fix – DON’T DO IT! This is not a good idea at all. If there’s even a hint of a crack in your windshield, the heat of the water will cause the molecules in the glass to expand, while the cold air outside causes it to shrink and this will cause those cracks to expand.

road salt on carsRemove road salt as soon as possible. Even though salt on the roads is essential to keeping them clear during winter weather, it can make your car pretty gross. If it’s not removed quickly, the sale makes its way into your car’s paint causing some annoying problems. The salt can damage your car’s paint; so the sooner you get a car wash, the better. It’s recommended to remove the salt within three days after you see residue on your car’s exterior. If a car wash doesn’t remove all the stains, you can remove remaining stains at home with a garden hose.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your car’s exterior safe this winter – and maybe even help you get out the door a little quicker each morning. But if you run into trouble this winter and get stuck with cracked windshields or broken glass, you know who to call. We have seven locations around the state to help with all of your glass needs. Give us a call at (501) 377-9597 or stop by any of our locations today to get a quote!

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