6 Travel Tips for your Furry Friends

Apr 11, 2016, 10:42 AM by Team SI

The weather is warming up and like a lot of humans, our dogs like to get out and play outside. You know how excited a dog gets the moment you say the word “outside.” A chance to jump in the car and ride to the park, or just take a spin around the neighborhood, will make your dog’s tail wag excitedly. As much as we want to make our pups happy, it’s important to remember to keep them safe in the car, too.

Here at Discount Auto Glass, we’re all dog lovers and we want to keep them safe in the car. So, we put together a list of tips to remember before you load up your pup. Before you say the magic “car ride” words to your furry friend, make sure to remember these six safety tips.

dog_water_bowl1. Bring lots of water. If you’re headed out on a long road trip, don’t forget to get something for your dog to drink along the way. Dogs get thirsty just like humans. Keep a few extra bottles in the car so that when you make a pit stop Fido can quench his thirst, too.

2. Crate your pup. Though it might seem like a less-than-fun way for your pet to travel,crate the safest way for them to ride in the car with you is in a crate. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation, so your dog can breathe easy. There are tons of options of crash-tested crates that will be the best option for your dog. Crating your dog can also help you stay more focused on the road, making you both safer in the long run.  

3. Don’t travel on a full tummy. This will save you and your pet from a mess at the end of your trip. It’s recommended for a dog to fast for about 6 hours before a road trip. That way, he doesn’t get carsick. And, for your sake, you’re not stuck with a big mess to clean up. Plus, you don’t want your dog feeling crummy when you get to where you’re going.

dog_in-Car4. Don’t leave your dog alone in the car. The temperatures are starting to rise, and like humans, dogs can suffer from heat exhaustion. Simply leaving a window cracked will not keep your dog cool on a blazing hot day. Bring your furry friend with you when you make a pit stop, or if you’ve got a road trip buddy, take turns staying in the car while it’s running.

5. Lock your car windows. Though most dogs love the opportunity to hang their heads out the window and feel the wind blowing in their ears, it’s not exactly safe for them. A rock could fly up and hit your dog’s eye. Worse, he could even fall or jump out of the car. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Take breaks. We all need a little time to stretch our legs during a long road trip, andwalking_your_dog dogs are no exception. When you make a pit stop at a gas station or rest area, take your pup on a walk to let him get some of that pent up energy out while you’re stopped. It’ll do him and you some good.

We love our pets at Discount Auto Glass, but we also love our cars! Keeping our windows and windshields in tip-top shape is a priority for us. Stop by any of our seven locations across the state or give us a call at (501) 377-9575 for a quote today!


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