Tips to Cool Off Your Car

Jun 13, 2016, 08:57 AM by Discount Auto Glass

After a long day at work, you head to the car to make your daily commute home. When you get your car unlocked, you’re greeted with a huge wave of blistering heat that’s been stuck inside your car all day long. We’ve all been there. What if there were ways to keep this from happening? Well, there are! Your trusted Discount Auto Glass team has a few tricks up to help keep your car cool, protected and comfortable this summer.

Cool down your car without turning on the A/C:
 Turning on your air conditioner right when you get into your car doesn’t do a bit of good. It takes time for the air to cool down and circulate throughout your car. If you roll down one of your car’s windows and open and close the door on the opposite side five to six times, this will help the hot air make its way out of your car. It might look a little silly, but you’ll be glad you did. After doing this, your car should be cool enough for you to step in and go on your way.

windshield-coverInvest in a set of sunshades for your windshield: Humans use sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. Your car needs protection, too! Sunshades not only help reduce the amount of heat that gets into your car in the summer, they can also help protect your car’s interior. The sun’s rays can fade the interior colors of your seats and the dashboard. Sunshades can help guard your car’s interior against those harmful rays and keep your car looking great for many years to come.


steering-wheel-coverTreat yourself to a set of seat covers or a steering wheel cover: If you have a leather interior, you’re probably familiar with the searing pain that comes when you sit in your car while wearing a pair of shorts in the summer. A set of seat covers can pull double duty – they’ll protect your exposed skin and your car’s leather seats. Continuous exposure to sunlight can cause leather to crack and wrinkle. In addition to your seat covers, treating your leather with a conditioner from time to time to keep it from drying out and cracking. Steering wheel covers are another way to prevent those burns when you decide to take the car for a spin in the summer. Both seat and steering wheel covers are a way to express your individuality in your car while keeping you and your car protected from the elements.


Staying safe is a top priority no matter what the season. Keeping your auto glass in tip-top shape should not be an exception. Our installers at Discount Auto Glass are experts in glass repair and are happy to fix any problems you may have with your car’s windows or windshields. Don’t forget; we have new locations serving northwest Arkansas and Joplin, Missouri! No time to drop your car off with us? We can come to you! Give us a call today for a quote for your auto glass needs: (501) 377-9575.

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