Road Trip Activities with the Kids

Jul 18, 2016, 08:00 AM by Lisa Burnett
Though summer just “officially” started last month, summer break for school-age children is quickly coming to an end. Even if the summer is coming to an end, this doesn’t mean family vacation isn’t still on the agenda for some of us! If you haven’t taken your summer vacation yet, Discount Auto Glass has a few activities up its sleeves to keep the little ones occupied during a long road trip to the beach or that mouse’s house in Florida. There are so many activities that can keep your kids busy, rather than passing them your smartphone.

text_250x167Alphabet Game: This one is an oldie, but still a goodie! Print off a sheet of paper with every letter of the alphabet on it. Encourage your kids to find items in the car or on the road that start with the letter of the alphabet. Make it even more fun for your kids, and throw a prize in the mix for the first one to complete their sheet.

“Would you rather” jar: 
This game will require a little bit of prep before you take off on your adventure, but it’s quick and you can use materials from around your house. Grab ajar at your house with a lid that fits. Make a list of “would you rather” questions, and cut them into small strips. Fill the jar with your strips of paper, and seal the jar. Once your kids go through the questions you’ve come up with, they’ll get the hang of it, and maybe think of some questions on their own.

Magnetic DIY puzzles: This one requires you to be just a little crafty, and if you’re willing to take a metal cookie sheet along on your vacation, this is a fun (and affordable) backseat activity for your kiddos. Head to your closest craft store, pick up some popsicle sticks, mini magnets and a hot glue gun, if you don’t have one. Tape the sticks together, and glue a printed photo on top of the sticks. Once it’s dry, remove the tape from the back of the sticks, and use a knife or scissors to cut the sticks apart. Hot glue your magnets to the back of the sticks, and voila! You’ve got your own magnetic puzzle to take on your road trip. Use your cookie sheets as a way to play with your puzzle. A more descriptive how-to is available here. 

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