Season of Fall Windshield Hazards

Oct 3, 2016, 08:11 AM by Discount Auto Glass

At Discount Auto Glass, we know that auto windshield hazards can occur year-round. The fall season is no exception.  From the summertime heat to the debris on the roads during winter, there are a variety of hazards to be cautious of with your vehicle. The hazards of the fall season are a little different from the rest of the year. Items to look for include acorns, nuts, and debris from trees, rocks and debris from the road, and extreme temperature changes.

It may seem silly to look for acorns and nuts, but they can do some serious acornsdamage. If a large enough nut hits your windshield, it can cause a chip or crack. Acorns and nuts can also fall from trees as you drive underneath them. The added speed of your vehicle can cause the damage to have a greater impact on your auto glass. Ways to avoid acorns, nuts, and tree debris having an impact on your auto glass include parking in covered parking areas when they are available to you and take extra precautions when driving underneath trees. Awareness of surroundings can keep you from unnecessary glass damage.

Rocks and debris from the road are always an issue, but especially during the fall season. People carry fallen branches, rocks, leaves, and other debris in the backs of trucks to dispose of during their fall cleanups. This debris can often fly out of the vehicle without the driver’s knowledge and could impact your vehicle. This debris litterhitting your vehicle can be avoided by leaving ample length between yourself and the vehicle traveling in front of you. Cleaning debris and roadside trash is another way to help yourself and other drivers. Trash in the road or on the roadside is an accident waiting to happen. Be cautious of roadside littering and the potential damage it could cause to your vehicle. Check out your local highway cleanup to get involved.

Extreme temperature changes can also affect your windshield, especially if you have a pre-existing chip or crack that needs repair. Fall temperatures often range broken glassfrom cool mornings to warmer afternoons. The expansions and contractions on your glass, caused by temperature can worsen chips or cracks. The best solution if you have a pre-existing chip or crack is to call us to get it fixed immediately before more permanent damage sets in on your auto glass. This can ultimately save you time, money, and an unnecessary headache.

Taking these precautions during this fall season can help ensure the safety of yourself and your vehicle. Remember, if you can’t make it to a Discount Auto Glass location, an experienced and trusted Discount Auto Glass professional can come to you. The best part about that is we do not charge anything extra for the visit. We have eight locations around Arkansas, including Springdale and Texarkana, and one in Joplin, Mo. for your convenience. Give us a call at (501) 377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote today! 

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