Decorate Your Vehicle Without Damage

May 1, 2017, 06:16 AM by Discount Auto Glass

There are many reasons to decorate a car. Maybe it is for a special occasion, maybe it is for a marketing purpose, or maybe it is just for attention. But, do you know how to decorate a vehicle without damaging your glass or paint? We here at Discount Auto Glass have done some research for you so you can decorate your vehicle without damage.

To begin, here are some common causes of glass or paint damage that, with care, you cangold bug car avoid.

Shaving Cream and Shoe Polish

Sometimes, people use the two of these to write messages on the glass or paint of a vehicle. While putting these on glass likely will not cause damage, if any of this gets on the paint of a vehicle it could be very difficult to remove and can leave permanent marks.

Sharp Objects

Any sharp object should be avoided when decorating a vehicle. Objects such as keys, razor blades, scissors, and knives will cause damage to both glass and paint. Do not use any of these objects when decorating a vehicle, especially if that vehicle is not yours and you do not have permission from the owner to use these objects near their vehicle.

Generic or Abrasive Cleaning Products

When washing away the décor from your vehicle, avoid generic soap and detergent. Stick to cleaning products made specifically for vehicles.

decorated carDirty Cloths

Dirty Cloths can have dirt or other abrasive material on them. They can scratch your glass and paint when rubbing them on the vehicle. Avoid dirty cloths to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Before you decide to decorate your vehicle, be sure to follow these tips to keep it safe from damage.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Clean

A great car wash can reduce the residue on your vehicle that can cause damage when decorate materials are applied to your vehicle. Dirt on your vehicles paint or glass can cause damage when glass paint or materials are adhered to your vehicle.

Remove Material as Soon as Possible

It is best to remove decorative material from your vehicle as soon as possible. The longer car chalk, stickers, and other items are on your vehicle, the longer these items have to set into your glass or paint, making them difficult to remove. Try using magnets on the back of a sticker instead of sticking the adhesive directly to your vehicle.

Try Damage Free Alternativeshalloween car

Some alternative decorative materials include window flags, license plate frames, and window clings. All of these can be used multiple times, extending the life of your décor.

And, if you happen to damage your glass with some vehicle décor, Discount Auto Glass is here to help you. We can take appointments at one of our eight locations throughout Arkansas and our one location in Joplin, Missouri, or we can come to you at no additional cost. Give us a call at 501-377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote.

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