Road Trip Vehicle Check Up

May 15, 2017, 05:04 AM by Discount Auto Glass

Now that summer is gearing up, so are summer road trip plans. But, do you know what you need to do to prepare your vehicle for your next adventure? Discount Auto Glass has done the research and have all the information you need before you hit the road. So, don’t get stranded on the side of the road. Follow our advice.

To start, check your engine oil, even in newer vehicles. Check the levels of the oil and theroad trip pic date you are due to have the oil change. If you are close to the date to have it change or the oil looks dirty and gunky, then go ahead and get it changed. Be sure to let the mechanic know you are planning a road trip soon so they can suggest the best kind of oil for your vehicle. Ask then to please not forget about your oil reserves for your transmission and drive axle. They may need a little squirt of grease each.

Check your hoses. Over time, they are exposed to extremely high temperatures and can crack and burst after a while. Look for bulges in the hoses, which can be an indicator of a weakness. If you see this and cannot get your hose replaced, buy a hose patch kit to take with you on your trip in case your hose bursts.

Thirdly, check your car belts. If they are ragged or torn, then it is time for a new belt. If your road trip pic 2car makes a loud screeching noise when it’s your turn to go at a stoplight, then that is a pretty good indicator that your belt is loose. You will want to tighten or replace that belt before your trip.

Do not forget to check your tire pressure and tread. Your tires are you contact with the road, and poor tread could result in an accident. You also do not want too much pressure or too little pressure in your tires. You can find recommended tire pressure on the driver’s side door, glove compartment, or on the fuel filler door. Having too much pressure in your tire could lead to a blowout, so this step is very important.

A step not to be forgotten is checking your car battery. If your car battery is more than just a few years old, check to make sure it is corrosion-free. Do not skip this step, as you could end up stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. If you don’t know how to check for yourself, take your vehicle to your local auto parts store and have them check for you.

Finally, check your windshield wipers. Any dirt or debris on your wipers could result in a road trip pic 3scratch on your windshield, which would impair your vision.

If your windshield catches a knick on your trip, Discount Auto Glass is here to help. We can take appointments at one of our eight locations throughout Arkansas and our one location in Joplin, Missouri, or we can come to you at no additional cost. Give us a call at 501-377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote. Happy trails!

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