How Parents Can Stay Sane on a Road Trip

Jun 19, 2017, 07:05 AM by Discount Auto Glass

Parent's know packing up the family to take a long road trip can be quite the task, especially with small children. We here at Discount Auto Glass have taken a road trip or two and we’ve got all the tips and tricks for you on how to keep everyone happy (and sane) on your journey. things first, you’ve got to do some prep work. Packing a day or two in advance will keep you from stressing out last minute while trying to load everyone in the vehicle. Make a list of everything you need to take with you and check each item off as you pack it. Also, what do your kids like to do for fun? Pack a little bag for each kid (and adult) with things to do. Think crayons, paper, books, tablets, small toys, and handheld games. This will help occupy little hands and minds.

Secondly, map out your trip. Be sure to include time to stop to go to the restroom, eat meals, fuel up on gas, and visit any cool landmarks along the way. It is hard for little ones to stay still in a booster seat for a long period of time. Frequent stops can be fun for the kids to step out of the vehicle and burn off some energy before hitting the road again. While you’re at it, print out a map of your trip for the kids to have. This way, they can follow along on trip and you don’t have to hear, “Are we there yet?”.

Thirdly, play car games! These are classic ways to pass the time while on the road.

The License Plate (1)

Print a map or list of all of the U.S. States and either color in the state or mark off on the list each time you see a license plate from that state. Have the kids shout out the names of each state when they see it to make it more fun for them.

I Spy

This classic game is sure to please. Look around and pick an object you can see either in the car or along the road. Then describe the item with clues about color, shape, size, etc. Keep giving clues until the kids can guess what it is. Each person in the car can take turns being the spy.

Play Favorites

This game gives you a chance to learn something about everyone in the car. Go around the car and ask each person their favorite animal. Then have each person make up a “favorite” question to ask everyone else. You can be creative and ask about favorite: color, food, book, movie, song, etc. (2)Fourthly, music and audio books are your friend. You can pick a book for all the kids in the car to have a copy of while the audio book gets read to them. It’s a fun way for them to be able to follow along. Also, who doesn’t love to belt out their favorite tune? Find a radio station or bring your own music that includes a little bit of everything that everyone in the car will enjoy.

Lastly, road trips are good for napping (except for the driver, of course). When the little ones fall asleep, just let them be. You can enjoy some front seat conversation without little voices interrupting.

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