How to Stop Your Windshield from Cracking

Sep 18, 2017, 06:04 AM by Discount Auto Glass

Think about this scenario: You turn onto a main highway behind a huge semi-truck. All of a sudden, the truck in front of you slings a small rock into your windshield and leaves a small truck driving on roadcrack. You can still see out of your windshield just fine and you’re late to work anyway, so you don’t bother taking it to your local Discount Auto Glass right away.

You know that the southern heat will naturally cause the crack to grow, so eventually you will have to take action. You also remember reading on the Discount Auto Glass blog that it is very dangerous not to fix a cracked windshield. While you try to make time to take your car to Discount Auto Glass, you can follow these three tips on how to keep the crack from growing.

1. Park in the Shade

When you’re at work or out about town, try to park your car in the shade. This will keep your windshield out of direct sunlight and will keep it cool. The heat from the sunlight will cause the windshield to expand and then later retract after it cools down. If there is less heat on the windshield, it is less likely that the windshield will grow.

2. Apply Nail Polish

nail polishClean dirt and debris out from the crack and spread clear acrylic nail polish across the crack and the area around it. The nail polish will hold the glass together and works great as a temporary solution until you can get your car fixed.

3. Keep the Heater Off

If it’s an especially brisk morning or you are just feeling cold, make sure to keep the heater off of the windshield. Use the heater by your feet instead. Doing this will keep heat off the windshield and ensure that it does not unnecessarily expand.

These tips will buy you time before you get your windshield fixed, but they are not a permanent solution. A cracked windshield threatens the structural integrity of your car, meaning you are much less safe in case of an accident. You need to take care of your hood of a carproblem eventually, and Discount Auto Glass is the company to help you.

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