Fall Road Trip Ideas

Oct 2, 2017, 07:03 AM by Discount Auto Glass

With thousands of miles of river, hundreds of lakes, two national forests, 52 state parks and the first national river, there is no wonder why Arkansas is nicknamed “the Natural State,” and there is no better way to explore Arkansas than with an autumn road trip across the state.

Fall is the perfect season in which to explore Arkansas. The leaves begin to change colors in October, giving you an especially beautiful display of nature when you are on a drive or hike. The fall weather in Arkansas is also extremely comfortable – 65 degrees with a cool breeze sounds like pretty good weather to me. It’s the kind of weather where you won’t sweat on a hike but you also won’t need a jacket.

At Discount Auto Glass, we have been serving Arkansas for almost 20 years, so we have a pretty good knowledge of cool spots for an Arkansas day trip. Whether you want history,buffalo river nature or a little bit of both, Arkansas has it for you.

1. Float the Buffalo

Floating the Buffalo River is a must for any Arkansas resident. The river is the state’s only national river, meaning it is protected by the National Park System and is largely undisturbed by commercial interests. The river meanders through the Ozark mountains and is surrounded by huge bluffs and beautiful leaves in the fall. Take a day trip and just do a float or plan to spend a weekend on the river, both camping and fishing. Whichever you choose, the Buffalo River makes for a great autumn road trip.

2. Take a Trip to Eureka SpringsEureka Springs

Eureka Springs is a quiet Ozarks town frozen in the Victorian era. A trip through the Ozarks will bring you to the village where you can enjoy a stay in a 100-year-old hotel, eat at classy restaurants, shop in quaint shops and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. A road trip to Eureka Springs is definitely one of our favorite things to do in the fall.

3. Explore the Spa City

Hot Springs is one of the oldest resort towns in America – and it’s right in our state! A road trip to the “Spa City” is great for individuals, couples and families alike. Enjoy the historic downtown district, where just gangsters ruled and ran illegal casinos 100 years ago. Enjoy a relaxing day at a bathhouse soaking in the springs for which the city was named. Take theHot Springs kids out to one of the three lakes surrounding the city for a fun day of play and relaxation. Explore one of the city’s many museums and cap the weekend off by staying in the “Al Capone” room at the Arlington Hotel – right in the center of downtown. Nestled in the center of Arkansas’ other mountain range, the Ouachitas, it takes a scenic drive to get to a great Arkansas destination.

4. Take a Trip to the Delta

Helena is a perfect destination if you want to experience the culture and history of Arkansas’ largest geographic region – the Delta. Helena is the birthplace of the blues, and every October the town is home to the King Biscuit Blues Festival. The town is located on the banks of the Mississippi, giving you the opportunity to explore the river through fishing or canoeing. The town also features a lot of history, as it was the site of a Civil War battle and the center of the Arkansas Delta’s culture.

Any of these destinations would make for a great Arkansas road trip this fall. And, if your windshield catches a knick on your trip, Discount Auto Glass is here to help. We can take appointments at one of our eight locations throughout Arkansas and our one location in Joplin, Missouri, or we can come to you at no additional cost. Give us a call at 501-377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote. Enjoy your trip!

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