How to Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

Oct 16, 2017, 06:10 AM by Discount Auto Glass

A car is one of the biggest investments you can own. As such, it comes as no surprise that you want to protect it from potentially harmful weather, like hail. Luckily, hail damage is preventable. When you’re at the mercy of mother nature, taking precautions to prevent hailbroken windshields, windows, dented hoods and more is well worth the time. We wanted to share with you a few things that you can do to prevent getting hail damage on one of your most prized possessions.

  1. 1. Be aware of your surroundings. Scope out the area you are in and watch where you park. While this may sound obvious, we can all be in a hurry to get out of the storm and seek shelter that we forget what might be surrounding our car. Watch for trees, flooding areas, and especially a roof for you to park your car under. If you are out and about when a storm hits, try to look for covered parking in shopping centers, gas stations, or other covered areas.

  2. Cover your car. While it may sound silly, covering your car in blankets can prove to be effective in protecting your car from hail if you do not find or have a covered place to park your car. When doing so, be sure to secure the blankets by tying them down or taping them so they do not fly away in the storm. Car covers are also a great option to place on your vehicle in the event of a storm. If you are thinking ahead, you can also purchase an inflatable hail shield and keep it in your car so you will be prepared anywhere.

  3. Sign up for weather alerts. By checking the weather ahead of time, you can be hailproactive in moving or covering your car before severe weather hits. Receiving alerts for when severe weather is imminent can give you a leg up and enough time to move your vehicle out of harm's way. Turn those alerts on and save your vehicle from damage.

  4. Invest in a carport. Since you have already made a worthwhile investment in your car, it only makes sense to protect your investment. If you do not have a garage or covered parking spot, purchasing a carport can ease your peace of mind during a storm and significantly reduce the amount of damage that could occur to your vehicle in the event of a storm.  

car with hail damageTaking these precautions during storms can save you time and money when it comes to windshield repair in the future. But even when you do your best to protect your car, hail damage can still occur. Discount Auto Glass is here to help! We have eight locations around Arkansas, one in Missouri, and now one in Memphis for your convenience. Give us a call at (501) 377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote today. We are also available for travel to your location if you cannot find the time to come to us at no extra cost!

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