How to Avoid Break Ins

Nov 20, 2017, 06:40 AM by Discount Auto Glass

One of the worst feelings after a long night is returning to your car just to see someone has broken into it. Unfortunately, this scene is a reality for over one million people. While there’s no way to completely prevent a break-in from happening, there are some steps you can take to lower your chances of experiencing one this holiday season. Take a look at these five tips:

  1. Hide Your Belongings. Remove your belongings from being visible. You know how the car getting broken intoold saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Ideally, removing your valuables completely from sight would be the safest option. If that’s not possible, at least be sure to hide them from plain sight. You may want to place your belongings in the trunk. While that is a good idea, be sure to do so before you arrive at your destination so that no one will see you storing your belongings there.

  2. Look for Street Lamps. Park in a well lit area. Especially at night, be sure to park next to a street lamp or other bright area. This will deter thieves since they will be able to be seen. Additionally, parking in a high traffic area is a wise move.

  3. Lock Your Car. While this may seem obvious, we can all get in a rush and forget. When in doubt, double check to make sure it is locked. You should also check to see that your windows are rolled all the way up and that if you have a sunroof it is closed as well.person walking in empty parking lot

  4. Keep Your Car Secure. Make sure your car alarm is on. The sound of the alarm sounding off will deter thieves and it will certainly bring attention to them, thus increasing the chances they will get caught. If you do not have one, consider purchasing one to add onto your vehicle.

  5. Tinted Windows. Get your windows tinted. This will certainly make it more difficult for a thief to see what is in your car. This will help to conceal your belongings should you accidentally forget to take them out of your car.

We hope this list helps you to prevent break ins and protect your gifts and valuables. Here at Discount Auto Glass, we would never wish a break in on anyone, but should you find yourself having to deal with the aftermath, let Discount Auto Glass help you pick up the pieces of your vehicle.neon park sign

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