Springtime Messes and How to Clean Them

Mar 26, 2018, 06:55 AM by Discount Auto Glass

It is that time of the year again where that greenish-yellow sheen on your car is sure to show up. Unfortunately, Spring comes with the residue of pollen, tree sap and bugs on our windshields and car exteriors. Here at Discount Auto Glass, we have come up with some cleaning tips for the most common springtime car messes.

Tree Sap

tree sapTree sap is sticky, yucky, and really hard to get rid of, especially if it’s made its way onto your car. A bit of Goo Gone or other product designed to get sticky gooey messes off of hard surfaces should dissolve the sap and make it easy to wipe off of your car. Goo Gone also makes an automotive formula that is designed specifically for your car’s exterior.

Bird Droppings

As soon as you notice bird droppings on your car, it’s best to move quickly. The longer you wait, the greater the chance it can ruin your car’s paint job. If bird droppings are left on your car for a long period of time, it can cause the paint on your car to start to wrinkle and flake off. An easy way to get it off of your car is by using club soda. Pour club soda directly to the spot, and the fizzing action of the soda will help lift the stain off. After a few minutes, wipe the stain away with a damp cloth.


The best solution to this problem is to wash your car with water to get rid of the buildup that pollenhas accumulated. If pollen is left on your car for a long period of time, it can damage your car’s paint. When you wash your car, spray your car’s body from the roof and use your water hose to push the pollen down the car, onto the ground.

Bug Residue

When the weather gets warmer, bugs, just like people, enjoy being more active outside. An easy way to remove bug residue from your car is by using a dryer sheet. Add a dryer sheet to a spray bottle with a bit of water to spray dirty chevy vehicleonto the bugs stuck to your car and use another dryer sheet to rub the bugs away.

Hopefully these tips will help keep your car in tip-top shape all spring long. If your car’s glass is in less than tip-top shape this spring, give Discount Auto Glass a call. We can take appointments at one of our eight locations throughout Arkansas, our location in Joplin, Missouri, our location in Memphis, Tennessee, or our mobile team can come to you at no additional cost. Give us a call at 501-377-9575 or use our online form to get a quote.

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