Windshield Wiper Tips

May 7, 2018, 11:30 AM by Discount Auto Glass

Although the first windshield wipers were invented in 1903, they weren’t standard on vehicles until around 1916. The next year, the first windshield wiper powered by an electric motor became available, followed by the washer system in the mid-thirties. Through the years, these inventions have been pivotal to vehicle safety when driving in inclement weather. 

Rainy WindshieldAnyone who owns or operates a car is fortunate to have many advanced functions when it comes to windshield wiper and washer systems. The systems on modern vehicles are designed to be effective and easy to use so that the driver is able to maintain clear vision while behind the wheel.

If you turn on your wipers and experience a screeching sound, part of the rubber blade is missing or beginning to deteriorate causing a streak in its wiping performance, as well as the horrible sound. By not replacing your wipers when you notice this, you could be permanently scratching your windshield. Regular maintenance of the wiper blades is critical to the life of your windshield, but more importantly, to ensuring your safety while operating the vehicle. You also want to be sure to clean your new blades fairly often in order to remove dust, dirt, grime, and other road debris that builds up over time. Periodic inspection allows them to work more efficiently and last longer.

Finally, monitoring the windshield washer system is an important step as well. Maintaining the appropriate levels of washer fluid and/or antifreeze based on the climate you live in will increase your visibility when the unexpected happens. One thing you never want to do is use plain water in the washer system. It could freeze in cold temperatures, or develop bacteria in hot temperatures.

Inspection of the entire operating system, replacing what’s necessary, and thinking ahead will allow you to have a safer drive anytime you’re traveling in your vehicle. Windshield Wipers

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