Dangers of Driving With a Cracked Windshield

Jul 5, 2018, 16:24 PM by Discount Auto Glass

While plenty of drivers can operate a vehicle with a cracked vehicle and it not limit their view, it’s not something you want to ignore for very long. Rather than taking a risk and experiencing one of the many potential dangers of driving with a cracked windshield, let our expert glass specialists at Discount Auto Glass hook you up with a brand new one. Continue reading to learn why it’s dangerous to drive with an impaired windshield.

cracked glass

  1. It can worsen over time. What starts as a small chip can turn into a large crack at any moment. That means a distracting split could ensue while you are behind the wheel which can be very scary, to the point of causing an accident. Damage can spread from any number of factors, such as moisture, dirt, extreme temperatures, and many others. so don’t delay in getting it repaired.

  2. Inability to support the force of an airbag. In the event of a collision, most vehicle airbags are deployed with the intent to save the lives of those inside. If the windshield is cracked, it may not be able to withstand and absorb the force of the compression from the inflated airbag, therefore shattering the already broken glass.

  3. Loss of structural strength. The windshield serves a lucrative role as part of your vehicle (the world shield is part of it, no less). When a collision occurs, the impact is shifted to another part of the car, typically the chassis or undercarriage. This reduction in impact can either protect or lessen the damage to the vehicle and passengers as mentioned earlier. However, in a situation such as a rollover accident, the strength of the windshield may already be compromised and the roof could easily cave in. It’s in this type of accident that passengers are more likely to be severely injured because there is not sufficient structure to keep it from caving in.

broken windshield glass

Don’t risk your life and the lives of your passengers by driving with an impaired windshield. Come see our expert installers at Discount Auto Glass and we’ll find the best solution to your glass needs. Our team of glass specialists offer the best warranty and guarantee superior workmanship and professionalism. Get a quote or find your nearest location and stop by to see us today! 

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