How to Cool Hot Car Interiors

Jul 19, 2018, 15:51 PM by Discount Auto Glass

Entering a parked vehicle on a summer afternoon could easily be one of the worst parts of your day. Research shows that a car’s interior temperature rises approximately 19 degrees in roughly 10 minutes. Now consider being parked in 100-degree heat after two or more hours. The interior could reach 150º and the dashboard and seats could be as hot as an oven, reaching nearly 200º.

Sunlight enters a vehicle through its windows in the form of short-wave energy which is then absorbed by the interior. The interior radiates the energy back in the form of long-wave infrared radiation. Sunlight can easily pass through glass, but infrared light can’t escape back through the windows. The heat stays trapped inside the car’s interior which causes the temperature to rise, which is a great example of the greenhouse effect. This further proves the theory that any kind of shade is your best bet for keeping your car cool in extensive heats.

There are three easy ways to provide cooling relief for your vehicle in the summer heat.

  1. Park in the shade. Limiting the amount of direct sunlight your car receives will substantially minimize the heat buildup inside. In addition, direct sun on leather seats can cause damage over time, even producing cracks in leather.

  2. Get shades for your windshield. Conventional sun shades can reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle by 15º and the dashboard temperature by 40º. The foil-reflective shade, which is a radiant barrier system, can cool your car’s interior the most because it reflects the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it.

  3. Tint your windows. Window tinting either absorbs or reflects UV light. Most car owners prefer to get their vehicle windows tinted to make it easier to see when driving on a sunny day, or to add an element of privacy to their driving experience. However, additional tinting perks include keeping your car cool and your interior from fading. Laws about window tint vary by state, so it’s important to check with local DMV offices to ensure you’re complying with local safety laws.

Be sure to take one or more of these steps in order to keep your vehicle cool this summer! And come see our expert installers at Discount Auto Glass to find the best solution to your glass needs. Our team of glass specialists offer the best warranty and guarantee superior workmanship and professionalism. Get a quote or find your nearest location and stop by to see us today!

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