Safety Tips When Driving in Fog

Sep 4, 2018, 16:47 PM by Discount Auto Glass

With fall quickly approaching, cooler nights are right around the corner. With that, we can expect to have a few foggy mornings on our early morning work commutes where we squint through a thick layer of white fog. But have you ever thought about what creates the white wall of fog?

Fog typically occurs on clear nights when the earth’s surface is cooling the moist air sitting above it. If enough light wind is present, the chilled air gently stirs through the deeper layer creating a radiation fog. Often times in the fall season, it’s common to see a morning fog as well. This is also a type of radiation fog, resulting from cold, dense air collecting in any sort of valley. It’s also likely that fog will form when warm air moves over a cold surface. Unlike radiation fog, this advection fog can sometimes be seen moving across or near the ground. (Source: The Weather Channel)

Like we mentioned, it can be very difficult to drive in thick fog conditions. Therefore, it’s important to know and implement these safety tips when you’re behind the wheel.

1. Use fog lights. If your vehicle comes equipped with special fog lights, use them. Fog lights cast a wider, shallow beam, making it easier to see the road in front of you.

2. Leave more distance between the car in front of you. Due to poor visibility, you will likely need more time to stop when braking. If you are following too closely behind other vehicles, this could result in a rear-end collision. In addition, avoid passing other vehicles unless necessary until you can see more clearly.

3. Monitor the condition of your windshield. With fog lingering in the atmosphere, increased moisture is also hanging in the balance and could collect on your windshield. This makes it more difficult to see, and you should enable your windshield wipers and defroster to help clear your windshield until the air is free of moisture.

Taking these precautions while driving in foggy conditions may save you from dangerous collisions that could potentially injure you and others. Road safety is always our top concern and should be yours as well. If it’s time to update your windshield, come see our expert installers at Discount Auto Glass to find the best solution to your glass needs. Our team of glass specialists offer the best warranty and guarantee superior workmanship and professionalism. Get a quote or find your nearest location and stop by to see us today!

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