Vehicle Sensor Maintenance

Nov 27, 2018, 14:27 PM by Discount Auto Glass

Colder days are upon us and there are many concerns we face when it comes to keeping our vehicle in good condition. One concern with newer vehicles is maintaining clean sensors. Modern cars have a variety of advanced safety systems in place, such as automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning. If these sensors can’t see because of winter elements, they can perform their jobs effectively. The following steps will aid in the prevention of sensor-loss in your vehicle this winter!

If you don’t know where your car’s sensors are located, that is first on the agenda. Read up on your owner’s manual which provides the locations for all sensors and details about their functionality. Once you are aware of their locations, you can be mindful of cleaning off debris in these specific places.

Keeping your car clean is next on the list. A clean car is going to benefit the driver in a multitude of ways, but maintaining safety features is the utmost priority.

  1. Windshield - Many automakers place sensors and cameras behind the glass, in a strategic fashion away from the wipers’ path. You should occasionally clean this entire area to provide a clear line of sight.

  2. Grille - Make sure to thoroughly examine this area since dirt, debris, and other elements are likely to build up near the sensors that live within the grille or front bumper.

  3. Front/Rear Bumpers - These areas are home to your parking alert systems and are some of the most important on your vehicle. Make sure to wipe them regularly in order to continue using the reverse functionality properly.

  4. Rear body quarter panels - Some vehicles, even in older models, use a camera housed below the outside mirrors for blindspot monitoring. A buildup on this part of the car can cause your blindspot monitoring to be ineffective.

Finally, if the weather permits, get regular car washes. On your own, use a clean towel to dry the sensor area thoroughly. Excess moisture can complicate their functionality.

Road safety is always our top concern and should be yours as well. If it’s time to update your windshield, come see our expert installers at Discount Auto Glass to find the best solution to your glass needs. Our team of glass specialists offer the best warranty and guarantee superior workmanship and professionalism. Get a quote or find your nearest location and stop by to see us today!

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