How Well Prepared is Your Car for a Southern Winter?

Jan 30, 2019, 15:01 PM by Chad Sproles

Four Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready for Winter Driving

Although we don’t get too much winter weather in Arkansas, you never know when the cold weather is going to hit or the roads might get a little icy. It is always important to prepare for emergencies when driving -- that’s why you check your blind spots before you change lanes.


1. Don’t Forget Your Windshield Scraper / De-Icer

One of the most important things to remember to keep in your car is a window scraper, along with winter fluid in your windshield wiper. The windshield fluid makes it easy to put a little heating agent on your windshield to melt any ice which might come about from a cold, winter’s night, while the windshield scraper ensures the ice is completely gone -- and done quickly. Being able to see while driving is crucial, so make sure you have these things in your car this winter so you’re ready for the cold weather -- whenever it may come.

2. Keep a Winter Coat in Your Car

You never want for your car to break down, but unfortunately it can happen. Make sure to keep a heavy coat and blankets in your car this winter to make sure you’re warm and safe if that does happen. You never want to be stuck in the cold without protection, so this is an important “just in case” precaution to take during the winter months.

3. Make Sure Your Tires are Aired Up Before You Leave

The cold weather causes tire pressure to go down, so an easy yet important thing to do before driving is to make sure your tires are aired up properly. Most tire pressure recommendations can be found on the end of the driver-side door when the door is open. Tire pressure usually drops about 1 pound per square inch (psi) for every 10 degree drop in the temperature. Driving on potentially icy roads is even more difficult without properly aired tires. Make sure to check your tire pressure and air those tires up before you leave your house this winter.

4. Remember Not to Warm Up the Car in the Garage

It is extremely important for your safety and is easy to forget when you haven’t had your pre-work coffee. Remember to open your garage door before heating your car. The carbon monoxide produced from your car is extremely poisonous, and, if you don’t open the door to ventilate your garage, it could kill you.

Follow these four tips to prepare for the cold and stay safe while driving this winter. Remembering to do these things before you even get out on icy roads will prepare you for success and help ensure you get to your warm destination safely.

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