Discount Auto Glass Celebrates 20 Years of Business

Feb 13, 2019, 12:57 PM by Chad Sproles

In 1999, two young entrepreneurs saw a need for affordable yet quality auto glass repair in Little Rock, Ark. These two men founded Discount Auto Glass to meet that need. Twenty years later, Discount Auto Glass has grown into a company which stretches the state of Arkansas and border cities with quality products, quality service and quality prices.

The company was founded with one person in mind -- the customer. Dale Dues and John Smotrilla, the company’s founders, knew that many times they would be working with a customer in distress. One does not usually repair auto glass in joyous situations. Rather, auto glass repair tends to come after an accident or storm and is the kind of situation which is not sought after. Knowing this, the two young entrepreneurs set up their company in a manner which seeks to take care of and comfort its customers. Every time a customer calls Discount Auto Glass, he talks to a real, local person. Every time a customer comes into the store, a friendly employee meets him with a smile on his face. The two men wanted to set up Discount Auto Glass with the customer service of a local company and the product quality of a national corporation.

This customer-minded mentality has allowed Discount Auto Glass to expand rapidly over the course of the last twenty years. From its first location in Little Rock, the company has expanded to twenty locations across the state and surrounding regions-- from Joplin, Mo. to Memphis, Tenn. to Texarkana, Ark. Despite the company’s expansion and regional reach, it still holds dear the values on which it was founded. The company’s founders claim the “sweep it off the street’ mentality and excellent employees which have fueled the company’s success and continue to fuel it today.

As Discount Auto Glass looks to the next twenty years, we have big goals for our company. We want to expand our quality product to even more states. We want to reach even more than the millions of customers we served in our first twenty years. We want to continue to provide a neighborly smile to every customer which walks in our doors. We feel the first twenty years of our company’s history have been successful -- and almost all of that is thanks to you, our customers. With your help, the next twenty years can be just as successful as the last.


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