Defogging Your Windows, No Matter the Weather

Apr 2, 2019, 12:49 PM by User Not Found
We’ve all been there. You open your front door and walk toward your vehicle only to realize the windshield and windows are fogged up. Do you crank up the heat? Do you turn on the air conditioner? Do you open your windows, or is it best to leave them closed? In short, it really depends on the outside temperature and weather. 

Defogging in Warm Weather

During the spring and summer months, you’ll likely see a sheet of fog on your windshield at least a few times. This often happens when it’s warm, humid and rainy, as the air outside is hot and thick with moisture while the air inside of your car isn’t. Using your windshield wipers will get rid of the fog, but it certainly takes a while and can get irritating. The best thing to do is to turn your defroster to warm air (although you may be a little uncomfortable for a bit) and crack a window, or open up the windows for a short amount of time until the fog has cleared. Cleaning your windshield with products like Rain-X also help prevent condensation from forming. 

Defogging in Cold Weather

Cold temperatures can cause fog to form on your glass for the opposite reason—due to the air inside of your vehicle being warmer and more humid than the dry outdoor air. To get rid of it quickly, skip turning the heat on, and roll your windows down instead for a few minutes instead. This will allow the temperature and moisture levels outside of the car to match up inside as well. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s quick! If it’s incredibly cold and you don’t want to roll down your windows, turn the defroster on and make sure to turn off your air recirculation. This will allow moist air to cycle out of the car.

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