Is it Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home?

Apr 2, 2019, 13:08 PM by User Not Found

It’s pretty easy to tell when it’s time to replace a window or windshield in your vehicle...but how can you tell when it’s time to replace the windows in your home? You may be giving your house a fresh spring makeover, or maybe your windows are damaged in some way. Regardless of the reason, Discount Auto Glass is here to help you with your residential glass needs.

In Need of Replacement

Do your windows get stuck when you’re trying to open or close them? Do you have trouble getting them to lock? Are they noisy? Are the frames water damaged or cracked? If you feel air blowing through your windows even when they’re closed, there’s definitely an opening somewhere that needs to be sealed off. Since it’s harder to heat or cool your home with outside air blowing in, this will probably also have an effect on your electric bill. If you notice any troubling issues with your windows or window frames, especially if you live in an older house, it’s probably time to go ahead and replace them. This will save you money, make your home safer, and do away with noisiness and drafts from outside. 

Spring Changes

Many houses were built years ago, and maybe you’re just ready to modernize your window space. Dual-paned windows are much more effective at retaining your indoor temperature than the single-paned windows that may very well be installed in your home. From bay windows to sliding windows, you can completely reinvent how a room looks with the natural light that windows provide. Open up your living room or dining room, or simply add a skylight window to your restroom. The choice is yours! 

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