General Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Jul 18, 2019, 09:59 AM by User Not Found
We all know that maintenance is important when it comes to keeping your vehicle in good shape. If you don’t keep up with maintenance guidelines, you could end up uncomfortable, broken down on the side of the road or worse. Not only can you prevent costly repairs, but you can also keep your family safe by following these simple tips!

Check Tires, Oil and Fluids Regularly

Don’t take your tires for granted or assume they’re in good condition just because they aren’t flat. Check your air pressure regularly, as underinflated tires can lead to a serious accident. You should also rotate your tires and check the alignment every 8,000 miles to ensure that the tread will wear evenly. Don’t put off getting an oil change when the magic number pops up or the notification light flips on. Going too long without an oil change can lead to costly repairs or replacements, such as worn out or warped engine components. Be sure to check the windshield wiper and brake fluids each oil change as well. 

Keep it Clean

Make driving at night easier and safer by routinely cleaning your cloudy headlights. There are several headlight restoring products you can purchase to get your headlights looking good as new. Be sure to clean your windshield often, especially if dirty water or insects have accumulated on it. Using Rain-X is a great way to improve visibility, as it causes water droplets to bead and roll off of the windshield when it’s raining. Just make sure you’ve washed and dried your car before applying it to your glass. Make sure to also replace your windshield wipers once your view becomes streaky. 

We also suggest checking your engine air filter regularly. These prevent dirt and dust from getting into your engine. It’s also wise to routinely check your battery and clean any corrosion from it, as large buildups can prevent the battery from accepting or delivering a charge. If you aren’t comfortable checking things out yourself, take your car to a professional for regular inspection.

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