Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Mar 31, 2020, 10:32 AM by Rebecca Nickols

When you think of spring cleaning, scrubbing your shower and cleaning out your closets probably comes to mind. However, cleaning your vehicle is an equally important step you shouldn’t skip over! Drive into the warmer months of the year with a fresh new outlook! Check out our simple tips for spring cleaning your car.

Cleaning Your Interior

Get rid of any clutter that has built up in your car. Dispose of trash like water bottles, papers, cans and packages, and take shoes, toys and jackets inside your house. Clean out your center console with a vacuum cleaner and washcloth, then wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. You should also wipe down your dashboard, vents, cup holders, steering wheel and all of your buttons (for windows, locking the car, and so on). Use a stiff brush to loosen up debris and mud, then vacuum and shampoo your carpets. Don’t forget to clear out your trunk!

Cleaning Your Auto Glass

After the icy windows of winter, your auto glass could use some extra love. Select a mild window cleaner (preferably without ammonia), and use a high-quality microfiber cloth for a streak free shine. Clean both sides of your auto glass, and don’t forget your mirrors!

Cleaning Your Lights

Over time, you may find that your headlights get foggy. This can reduce visibility at night, and you don’t want that! An easy way to clean your headlights is with a headlight restoration kit, and there are many available in a variety of brands. You sand and polish your headlights, and before you know it they’re looking as good as new! 

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