Should You Repair or Replace Your Windshield?

Oct 6, 2021, 09:17 AM by Julie Wax

Windshield replacement

October is here and with the crisp, fall weather comes a road trip or two with the possibility of windshield damage. Windshields are made up of two layers of glass that sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass, so they are meant to stand up to the stress of a road trip on highways, but inevitably damage does still occur. So how do you know if the windshield damage qualifies as a repair or a complete replacement?  

Repairable Chip and Cracks

Many chips and cracks can generally be repaired, but it will depend on these factors: size, type, depth and location. Most cracks up to 18 inches long can be repaired easily, but if the damage is too large in size, that’s one way you might know you’re looking at a windshield replacement. Multiple spots are harder to repair as well. If you examine the damage, it probably has a certain type that can range from a “star break,” which is a short radial crack coming off the impact point to a smaller “pit,” which is merely a small piece of glass missing and can be easily repaired. Crack chips, the single crack size of a quarter, and dings are also repaired without a problem. Location must also be considered, and a crack that is at or near the edge of the windshield can affect the integrity of its bonding to the metal frame and, thus, compromise passenger safety. 

In short, here is a list of damages that usually cannot be repaired, but must be replaced instead:

  • on inside of the windshield

  • deep damage on both layers of glass

  • damage over rain sensor, internal radio antenna

  • damages that reach into the driver’s critical viewing area

  • complex multiple cracks

  • very long cracks (i.e. over 18 inches long)

  • contaminated cracks

  • edge cracks and chips

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