Common Ways Windshields Get Damaged

Oct 18, 2021, 09:00 AM by Julie Wax

windshield damageYou’re driving down the interstate and a not-so-tiny rock hits your windshield. Before you can blink, the damage is done. Accidents happen, and so does windshield damage. But what are some of the most common ways windshields get damaged?

Auto glass is made to protect passengers as a safety barrier. It’s actually two hardy glass layers with another laminated plastic one in between them. But on any given occasion, there are all kinds of impacts that can cause destruction. If you’re unsure of where that tiny crack came from, it could be one of the following instances:

  1. Storm debris. Always attempt to keep your car out of the weather by parking somewhere covered. Hail and high-speed winds that cause branches to fall are top contenders. 

  2. Rock chips. This means those little pieces of gravel when you’re driving down an unpaved road or in a construction area. The problem with these is they can spread into larger cracks. Keep a distance of two car lengths when you’re traveling on the road to make sure debris doesn’t fall from the truck in front of you and onto your car.

  3. Extreme temperatures - both warm and cold. This can possibly take years, but if your vehicle is amidst extreme temperatures for very long periods of time, you might want to rethink where you are parking and make sure it’s insulated. 

  4. Rapid pressure changes. This can happen if an object presses too hard or falls on the windshield since forces acting on your vehicle while driving at high speeds  can change the pressure rapidly.

  5. Car accidents. This one seems obvious, but practicing safe driving and looking out for wildlife, in particular,  is key when driving.

  6. Low-quality glass. Small, weak areas of defect can turn into larger cracks over time, so be sure to invest wisely in a quality technician and brand. 

  7. Incorrect installation. Make sure all of your glasswork is from a reputable dealer and if you notice any vibrations - whether it’s the noise or visibly - after having a new windshield installed, visit a quality technician to have it adjusted to eliminate any cracking from a loose fit.  

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