Creative Ways to Use Glass in Home Decor

Nov 12, 2021, 09:42 AM by Julie Wax

Bathroom Glass
Did you know at Discount Auto Glass, we aren’t all automobiles and windshields? We also cut and install glass in homes and offices. And with the holidays approaching, what an exciting time to begin a new project - or remodel an old one! 

Not only can glass be beautiful, it can really open up a space as well as add energy efficiency. What’s not to love about that? Natural light, ventilation and excellent design. The benefits of adding glass to your home decor are endless. If you’re thinking of transforming your space, here are some creative ways to add glass to your home:

  1. Shower doors. Bathroom spaces are becoming total luxury escapes in many homes these days, and a glamorous shower can really add elegance to its style. Frameless shower doors are really trending at the moment, and provide a seamless look. 

  2. Mirrors. Custom mirrors in a variety of shapes and frames can really add that extra pop to a room. And if you choose not go with a brand-new style, a chipped mirror can often be repaired in the same way a windshield can. Did you know just like glass, a mirror can instantly add more space to a room?

  3. Tabletops. Looking for something modern and light to add to a room this holiday season? A glass tabletop is your answer. Some glass tables are even pre-cut, but a custom fit for your room to match your style and specifications is always an option. Design your favorite look - perfect for transforming a dining room just in time for a Thanksgiving meal. 

  4. Glass fixtures. Custom light fixtures are a smaller use of glass, but one that’s completely effective. They can add a really unique look to an otherwise ordinary space. Many times there are fixtures pre-made to cut down on time if you’re hosting a holiday party soon and in a crunch.

  5. Outdoor greenhouses. It’s getting cold out now, so what better way to use glass than for your plants that won’t be able to survive the weather fluctuations? Take advantage of a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing greenhouse and still be able to enjoy your plants all year long. 

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