Safe Driving: 5 Ways to Keep Your Windshield Clear

Dec 6, 2021, 09:54 AM by Julie Wax

Safe Driving in Ice
Vision is vital. It’s the most important thing you can have while driving, especially in the upcoming ice-cold months of winter. When road conditions aren’t so great, your windshield should be. 

Here are 5 ways you can keep your windshield free and your vision at its greatest this holiday season:

  1. New wipers. Worn wipers can make driving hazardous and replacing them once a year is both simple and inexpensive. Many motorists wait too long until they are deteriorated. Make sure this is one of the first things you check before setting out to see friends and family on the road this month.

  2. A dry interior. The interior of your vehicle should be as dry as possible to reduce humidity, which can fog up the windows. That means keeping rain and water out as well as cleaning off shoes from snow and slush before getting inside. This keeps the air drier and your windows clearer. 

  3. Rain X. Products like Rain X or Rain Away will keep the polish off the surface so that water rolls right off, and this makes the job much easier for your wipers. It can also help clean off ice or first in the early mornings. Stock up on these products now so you’re prepared. 

  4. Antifreeze. Use one of these with the lowest freezing point of around -45 Celsius. It’s worth it to pay a few more dollars because it will make sure your windshield doesn’t freeze over in the upcoming frigid temps. 

  5. Clear off snow and ice totally. If you leave any on your windshield, it can end up blowing back onto it - or even the back window, reducing your vision and compromising safety. And did you know it’s not only dangerous, but a requirement under the Highway Traffic Act that all windows be unobstructed?

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