How to Get Rid of Foggy Winter Windows

Jan 25, 2022, 15:16 PM by Julie Wax

foggy windshieldWe’ve all struggled with a foggy windshield when it’s frigid outside, but nice and toasty on the inside of the car. So, how exactly do you combat the problem of not being able to see on the road because your windshield keeps fogging up?

Here are a few tips to keep your windshield nice and fog free so you stay both safe and comfortable:

  1. Use your wipers - Seems simple, but this can be overlooked! Start by using your wipers and this will get rid of any excess condensation while you are working on these next several tips. 

  2. Turn up the heat - You’ll want to balance out the temperature to keep things clear, so it’s time to turn up the heat - and turn on your defrost button. Make sure you turn the heat up as high as possible because this hot air will hold more moisture than colder air and will help clear your windshield by collecting any extra moisture. 

  3. Turn off the recirculation button - This trick allows cold, dry air to enter your vehicle as well as this next tip.

  4. Crack a window - A quick fix, and an option if the heat doesn’t work so well,  this will even out the temperature between your glass and the cabin area. Just add a jacket because things might get chilly. 

  5. Keep your windows extra clean - A no brainer, but clean windows help with visibility with and without fog because they are less prone to fogging. 

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