5 of the Sweetest Car Dates Around the State

Feb 10, 2022, 08:55 AM by Julie Wax

valentine's day car dates
Finding new and creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. Here at Discount Auto Glass we know how you love to keep your car in tip-top shape with us, so why not use it, especially during the pandemic, to go on a fun date?! We’ve compiled a list of some unique ways to celebrate with your special someone in 2022. 

Read our favorite ideas on car dates around Arkansas, and be sure to go on social media to comment which one is your favorite!

  1. Drive-in movie theater - Did you know? The state of Arkansas still maintains three drive-in movie theaters. 112 Drive In is located in Fayetteville. A cash-only theater, it screens first-run flicks from Friday to Sunday, complete with a snack stand. In Marshall, you’ll find the old-fashioned Kenda Drive-In, with a 72-foot-screen and old-school speakers a la 1965. Mountain View features Stone Drive-In Theatre where they use FM Radio to play the show sounds. They recommend bringing a portable FM radio to be able to hear the movie. 

  2. Go on a scenic road trip - There are so many beautiful places to explore in Arkansas, and Eureka Springs is one of the best places to drive for romance. The quaint town in the Ozarks boasts a plethora of restaurants, bed and breakfasts and scenic views. Drive the path from Hot Springs to Eureka Springs, and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

  3. Star gazing - Hop in your car and go check out the mountain tops near you, especially those with higher elevations like Mount Magazine, Petit Jean and even Pinnacle. There are also special spots in Northwest Arkansas, including the White Rock Wilderness Area in Winslow, Withrow Springs State Park in Huntsville  and Beaver Lake Nursery Pond in Rogers. 

  4. Grab takeout and watch the sunset - Enough said. This is a great way to spend quality time without all the frills! But, make it fun and dress up as if you’re going to a fancy dinner. If it’s a warmer evening, have a picnic in the trunk! Bonus: Hit up three different restaurants for a three-course meal. 

  5. Scavenger hunt - Make a list of things to find along your way and then set out on your adventure. Once you’re finished, stop and dance or go see a new movie. 

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