How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield

Sep 27, 2022, 15:51 PM by Julie Wax

windshield repairSo you’ve just gotten a new windshield? Exciting news! Before you start driving your vehicle in too much excitement, consider its care. The next 24 hours are crucial to keeping it in the best condition so that it doesn’t get damaged and everyone remains safe. 

Here are a few tips to get going safely after a brand-new windshield:

  1. Wait to drive. One of the biggest tips is to be patient after it’s replaced and wait to drive your car so the adhesive has just enough time to cure. Waiting at least an hour will ensure the adhesive dries and you don’t end up with a gap between the glass and the frame. 

  2. Be careful when driving. Once at least an hour has passed, make sure you leave the tape on to keep away dirt, debris and other particles that might get stuck to the adhesive. It might not be that attractive to drive with tape, but trust us, it’s worth not having a second replacement. Also, make sure to avoid extreme and uneven terrain and make sure to gently open and close doors. 

  3. No car washes. The high-impact jets are too risky within the first 24 hours of replacing your windshield. They can incorrectly set it and literally destroy the strength of the new adhesive. While water is fine to come in contact with your new windshield, the high pressure is not. 

  4. Leave the window open. Hot temperatures can build pressure inside your vehicle, so it’s always best to leave your window cracked a bit just after installation to allow air inside and to release this pressure so that the new windshield doesn’t pop out of the frame. 

  5. Be aware. Make sure after your installation to check for any visible gaps, strange noises or visual discrepancies for your own safety and so that it can be immediately repaired. 

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