What To Do When The Windshield Cracks While Driving

Oct 10, 2022, 10:11 AM by Julie Wax

cracked windshieldIt’s one of a driver’s worst nightmares, right? Driving and you hear a rock hit the windshield and suddenly it’s cracked and you panic. Most of the time, it’s a minor chip. A shattered or broken windshield is rare because of the protection it’s meant to provide. 

But, what if it’s worse and you end up with a larger crack and you’re mid-route to your destination? We’ve put together some tips so you can be prepared and in the know in case this does ever happen to you. 

Here are some helpful tips for if your windshield cracks while driving:

  1. Stop and pull off the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. You need to assess the damage from the inside out and it’s a great idea to also take photos. 

  2. Perform a safety check. Check all parts of the vehicle, including the exterior body, tires, and if it was severely damaged, all passengers. If you do detect major damage and/or smell gas or strange odors or see fire, get away from the vehicle and call the police and/or fire departments.

  3. Call Discount Auto Glass. We’re located around the state so no matter where you are, give us a call. We have mobile locations and can come to you so you don’t have to drive unsafely, and we can repair or replace wherever you need quickly and stress free. 

  4. Prevent future dangerous situations. Chips and cracks may not seem like a big deal, but they can quickly spread, especially during changes in temperature. Make sure to inspect and repair anything you have on your windshield before you begin driving again. 

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