Major Ways to Prep Your Vehicle for Winter

Dec 29, 2022, 15:54 PM by Julie Wax

Driving in the winter can bring a whole new level of issues, so you want to make sure your vehicle is prepared and ready to go well in advance. While every check and balance is important for safety, there are some things that absolutely should not be overlooked. 

We’ve gathered a few of the most essential tips on how to prepare your vehicle for extreme winter temperatures:

  1. Test your battery. It’s no secret vehicle batteries work overtime in the winter. When in doubt, test it out. Car batteries have a limited life, so don’t wait for yours to fail and leave you stranded. Besides testing voltage, a computerized battery tester checks for internal resistance and conductance, giving you a good idea of the battery’s overall condition. Bonus: the tester will also check the condition of your starter and alternator. 

  2. Repair chips now. Don't wait for cold weather to turn that small chip into a big problem. During the frigid temperatures, small chips can easily spread and that makes driving your vehicle instantly unsafe. 

  3. Make or buy a de-icer spray. To make your own, it’s pretty simple. Combine two parts of 70% isopropyl alcohol with one part water in a spray bottle. This makes the combined liquids have a freezing point of 5 degrees, so you can go ahead and spray the liquid on your windshield.

  4. Keep a flashlight. Any small LED flashlight will work and it’s part of keeping your vehicle prepped for winter, plus extra/fresh batteries in case you need to change a flat tire or see under the hood. Don’t rely on your phone’s flashlight in case it doesn’t stay charged. 

  5. Replace wiper fluid with a freeze-resistant version.

  6. Check coolant. Engine coolant does more than protect your engine from freezing and cracking. Coolant also contains anti-corrosive additives and water-pump lubricants to keep your entire cooling system in tip-top shape.

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